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Offres & Opportunités: World Bank is seeking OD specialist in Information Economics (Urgent Job Announcement)

Leveraging ICTs to help client governments succeed

Project: Macedonia: The Benefits of Open Data
Sector: ICT

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are no longer a luxury for developing countries. In fact, many of the innovations are emerging from developing countries. They are creating new ways of communicating, doing business, and delivering services. Through extending access to ICTs and encouraging the use of ICTs, the World Bank aims to stimulate sustainable economic growth, improve service delivery, and promote good governance and social accountability.

The Minister of Information Society and Administration of Macedonia has requested a study of the economic and employment benefits of Open Government Data for Macedonia. The results of the study are needed to help make the case for further implementation of the Open Data program by the Government of Macedonia, to prioritize data release and to design other measures to ensure that the benefits of Open Data for Macedonia are maximized.

The selected candidate will closely work with study team in creating Benefit Assessment report of Open Data for the Government of Macedonia.

Specific tasks will include the following:
• Gather examples of benefits from Open Data policies for various sectors of data in other countries, and, where possible, in Macedonia.
• Collect demographic and other data relevant to modeling the benefits for Macedonia.
• Model potential benefits to Macedonia in each sector by adjusting the benefits with respect to Macedonian context.
• Evaluate the estimates with sector-specific parameters and assess the abilities of Macedonian business sectors and end users to develop and access the relevant services and applications.
• Assess the summed up potential benefits from individuals sectors and compare the results with whole-of-economy modeling done elsewhere, including for the EU and individual countries.
• Write a report to present and interpret the outputs of the modeling and to make policy and other recommendations to the Government of Macedonia.

Selection Criteria
• PhD in Economics; specialization in Information Economics is preferred.
• Expert-level knowledge and experience in the modeling and extrapolation of economic and other benefits based on comparative examples from other jurisdictions.
• Understanding of the economics of information and innovative service-based businesses.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills in English.

Send your CVs to Zhenia Viatchaninova (iviatchaninova@worldbank.org)



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